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Jul 12, 2024
LinkedIn Peek-a-Boo
Tired of your messages vanishing into the void? What if LinkedIn showed you the number of unread messages and conversations left on 'seen'? Time to play peek-a-boo with your connections!"
Jul 11, 2024
Introducing Zomato's Next-Day Delight! Select "Previous-Day-Batch"
Some dishes just taste better after a good night's rest. Imagine savoring that perfectly marinated biryani or richly spiced curry with flavors that have had time to truly blossom. It’s not just a meal, it’s a culinary time machine.
Jul 10, 2024
Instacart X Apple Fitness:
This integration will help you achieve that summer bod you always wanted!
Your fitness app monitors your online carts and restricts all unhealthy items. The only way to order them? Either finish your fitness goal, swap them for a healthier option, or get permission from your wife. Say goodbye to weekend binges and hello to a healthier you! This Ridiculous idea might help you achieve that summer bod you've always wanted.
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We want to hear from you! At Ridiculous Design, we celebrate the power of "what ifs", even when it goes hilariously wrong.
Jul 9, 2024
Dowry Calculator: Finally, a Calculator for Your Wedding Investment!
DowrAI is a social awareness campaign aimed at combating the practice of dowry. This calculator is designed to shed light on the negative impacts of dowry, emphasizing the need for change. It's not meant to endorse dowry but to illustrate the harm caused by this social evil.
Jul 6, 2024
Netflix Seen-It List: Archive of Your Watched Shows
While recommending a show or movie to a friend, have you ever felt completely blank on what you've already watched? Well, get ready to say goodbye to that hassle with this not so Ridiculous idea: Imagine having a watch history for Netflix where you can see every single movie and show you've ever watched, It's like a personal diary for your binge-watching adventures!
Jul 5, 2024
Have you ever found yourself stuck in a convo on dating apps?
Well, guess what? We've got a Ridiculous idea to fix that! Meet The Wingman – your personal AI powered chat assist 🦸‍♂️. Based on your chat history, The Wingman will swoop in with killer pickup lines and funny replies to keep the conversation flowing and fun. No more awkward silences or struggling to come up with something clever on the spot.
Jul 4, 2024
Unreel from Doomscrolling
Stuck in an endless loop of doomscrolling through Instagram Reels? Meet "Slow Scroll," the feature that slows down your scrolling to a crawl, annoying you into giving up!
Jun 14, 2024
From AI-generated to super-edited, Pixel Nutrition Labels tell you what's really going on in those pics.
In an era where AI-generated images and videos are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from real ones, it's crucial to provide transparency and accountability.
Sep 22, 2022
Quantify Your Popularity: Heartbeats Tell the Real Story!
do you all believe number of likes on an Instagram post doesn't truly reflect the amount of attention a post receives?
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