Dec 25, 2023
Ditch the ear-worm struggle
Spotify Widget that let’s you add songs to your playlist while you are watching your favorite show?
Ah, the joys of binge-watching! Until... BAM! That incredible song comes on, instantly becoming an earworm that burrows deep into your brain. 

But hold on, the struggle is real: how do you find the song and add it to your playlist without derailing your viewing experience?
Meet John Doe - music lover: 
(Of course! I am gonna use John Doe as persona, how else I am gonna tell you I have been in UX for 5 years).

Always on the hunt for new tunes, whether it's jamming to classics or discovering hidden gems. One night, while wrapped up in a Netflix show, a song got stuck in his head.

Well there are multiple ways he can find that song and add to his ever growing Spotify playlist.
that would require him app-switching acrobatics, potentially leading to a face-plant, while he misses out on the movie and probably would end up doom scrolling on instagram.

The show's over, but the song hunt continues.

John seems to be regretting his decision of adding it later after his finishes his movie.
A study found that percentage of music listeners who discover new music from TV shows and movies estimates to
Source: Harris Poll
Google: just hum to search?
Well that sounds (or should I say hums) like pretty solid solution. but this has it’s own challenges with added pain points of Shazam (derailing viewing experience, might end up doom scrolling instagram).

For this john has to remember some lyrics or tune of the song, leave apart the part where you are humming to your phone lol!
Looks like our friend John is still in distress about that tune stuck in his head.
Prime video x Amazon music
Someone at Prime video almost solved!

If you go to X-Ray section, you can see the name of that song if you are on TV and you are almost lucky if your are on your laptop because it lets to go to Amazon music website to listen to that song.
Oh My! Someone please help me find that song so that he could stop regretting and have his breakfast in peace.
Let’s solve this with
Ridiculous Design

John could add that song to his Spotify playlist with just click of a button while he was watching that movie on Netflix?

It would have saved him hours and would have been listing to that song while enjoying his breakfast.
This widget would allow users to seamlessly add the music to their Spotify playlist without ever leaving the viewing experience. Imagine the convenience and uninterrupted enjoyment!
One click is all it takes

This goes beyond simply solving a common problem. It elevates the overall viewing experience by fostering convenience, discovery, and personalization.
Can you think about more such cross-app integrations that Spotify can do?
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