July 02, 2023
Just when you thought it's gone forever
Have you ever wished for a second chance to read a deleted message that held valuable information or heartfelt sentiments?
Imagine this: You were talking to your crush from past one month and one morning she tells you 

“Hey I wanted to tell you something!”

but then...disaster strikes! The message vanishes into the digital abyss. Now you're left wondering, Did she finally ask you out? or she wanted to tell you about the new guy she is going out with?
Meet John Doe - a guy in love:
(Of course! I am gonna use John Doe as persona, how else I am gonna tell you I have been in UX for 5 years)

Yeah, the screenshot you saw above was from his chat and now he is left in despair because he is never gonna get to know what was that message about!
A study with 125 people was conducted on User Perception and Expectations on Deleting Instant Messages in 2018. 

Don’t rush to go read that paper, I have pulled out some interesting insights for you guys.
When asked how often do you delete instant messages?
When asked what are the common reasons for deleting the messages?
Looks like that deleted message is still haunting him bad and he is angry because he can’t do anything about it 🤬
Deleting messages accidentally or in the heat of the moment is a common issue we all face. Whether it's a crucial business detail or a heartfelt confession, once it's gone, it feels like it's lost forever.
Source: 2018 study by Asurion
Ohh look at the poor guy! he can’t stop overthinking and his crush has stopped replying now.
He thought sleeping would help but oh my! things are getting worse now.
Let’s solve this with
Ridiculous Design

John could bring that message back and put an end to his misery, at this point looks like he wants this at all costs.
Introducing the Message Retrieval Rumble! A chance to reclaim your deleted messages... but there's a twist!
You can initiate a retrieval request by paying a small fee (e.g., $1). The recipient then has the option to accept or reject the request by paying a higher fee.
To keep things fair and efficient, there's a timer in place. If there's no response within a day, the message is revealed. No more waiting endlessly for a resolution!
Picture this: John’s crush challenges a message retrieval with a $10 bid. Would you pay to uncover her second thoughts? I know John would!
Relax guys, John bid the $20 bucks and now he knows how his crush feels about him.
Consequences - the fine print

1. You might end up in credit card debt or changing your relationship status to 'single' (RIP Facebook).

2. Cha-Ching! It's not just about retrieving messages; it's also an opportunity for businesses to rake in those extra dollars. A win-win, right?
So, would YOU pay to retrieve a deleted message?
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