Feb 04, 2024
You can escape your comfort zone without leaving your screen.
Do you often avoid interacting with content on Instagram because you are afraid your feed will become repetitive?
Ever feel like your Instagram feed is stuck on repeat, showing you the same cat videos and influencer selfies over and over?

You're not alone. Welcome to the echo chamber, a social media phenomenon where algorithms trap you in a bubble of content that reinforces your existing views.
Imagine a cozy cabin in the woods, filled with everything you love: cat memes, travel pics, and endless outfit inspiration. Sounds idyllic, right? Except, there are no windows. This is the echo chamber.

Social media algorithms, are like misguided cabin builders that curate your feed based on your past likes and interactions. While it feels comfortable, it limits your exposure to diverse perspectives and can create a distorted view of the world.
These echo chambers are formed by filter bubbles, essentially personalized information silos created by algorithms. They track your activity, from likes to comments, and use that data to show you content they think you'll like. While convenient, it can lead to confirmation bias, where you're only exposed to information that confirms your existing beliefs, further solidifying the walls of your echo chamber.
of the content we see online is recommended by algorithms.

This includes social media feeds, search results, and video suggestions.

Imagine this: only 20% of the vast internet reaches your eyes. The rest is curated by algorithms, creating a personalized echo chamber.
Source: ChatGPT 4.0
A study found that algorithmic filtering on social media will lead to decrease in diversity of news stories by
un-filtered news
Source: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Another study suggested that users are more likely to click on politically aligned articles with an estimate of
That's perfect example of confirmation bias

Confirmation bias: Reinforcing existing beliefs without exposure to opposing viewpoints.
Source: ChatGPT 4.0
Stepping outside your echo chamber can be surprisingly engaging! 

Research suggests that seeing diverse viewpoints, even those you disagree with, can spark curiosity and increase engagement by
Source: ChatGPT 4.0
I ran an Instagram Poll

To find out if people in my circle feel the same about their instagram feed as I do.
Research Question

I often avoid interacting with content on Instagram because I’m afraid my feed will become repetitive
Let’s solve this with
Ridiculous Design

You could see content from creators you never knew existed, exploring topics you never considered without influencing your feed?
Escape Mode throws out the personalized feed algorithms, presenting you with a curated selection of diverse content you wouldn't normally see. Think of it as a social media detox, a chance to cleanse your feed and rediscover the joy of unexpected connections and perspectives. It's like stepping outside your cozy cabin and exploring the vast, diverse landscape beyond.
While escape mode helps us break free from the algorithm's grip, the real magic lies in personalization.


you could tailor your escape experience to your unique interests, ensuring you discover new things you actually enjoy?
I am gonna call it FOMO Meter because you are missing out on lot of things!
We all have a touch of FOMO (fear of missing out). But what if you could control your dose of personalized content? it goes beyond a simple on/off switch, It lets you fine-tune your experience by adjusting the balance between "Fear of Missing Out" and "Joy of Missing Out"
How does it work?
  • Slide it towards FOMO: Discover exciting new content and break free from the echo chamber, even if it means encountering things outside your comfort zone.
  • Slide it towards JOMO: Maintain some level of personalized content while still being exposed to fresh perspectives and interesting discoveries.
Why do we need this?
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