Jun 18, 2024
AI for Instagram that actually makes sense
What if you had a creative AI partner craft engaging captions for your Instagram posts?
We've all been there. You upload a stunning photo, but your caption game is so weak!

Do you also look at thousand different places and end up putting an emoji as your caption?
Let’s look at how people search for the right caption!

You do a quick google search but everything looks so generic that it feels like you are in the 90’s again.

Then you think you could find something good on Pinterest, but, the results are basic and nothing matches the vibe.

Or you can make a puppy face and you request your friend to write a caption for you. Sadly, the caption still doesn't match the vibe.

ChatGPT to the rescue!

Upload your picture, ask for a caption and boom! Now you sound like a robot on Instagram
But now you have to talk to a robot to make it sound more human...
and voila! finally you find something that you can work with.
But something is still missing...
It’s the user experience
Companies are throwing AI features at us like confetti, but most feel like afterthoughts. They're generic, confusing, and ultimately, useless.
Remember the hype around Meta AI search? It's supposed to be revolutionary, but searching for people or posts pushes you down the AI rabbit hole.
Why can't Instagram have AI where it actually makes sense and streamlines our tasks?
Let’s solve this with
Ridiculous Design

You could get help from AI when you are just about to post your picture and you don’t have to leave Instagram?
Imagine AI that analyzes the image and suggests captions based on various parameters.

or there’s an easy way to collaborate with ChatGPT 
(sorry Apple for stealing your idea 🙃)
Writing prompts is not a piece of cake for everyone.

To help you guys write a prompt I did some quick research to find out what are the common attributes that people use while writing captions for Instagram.
It’s a gentle reminder to Instagram that we don’t need AI in the search bar, so please don’t forget us (millions of users) in your AI race.
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